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PVC Plastic is good waterproof, often used to make raincoats as promotional gifts.

PVC Plastic is sourced from domestic factories. Diverse colors, ensuring colors according to customers’ special requirements. Common thickness to produce from 0.11 – 0.2 dzem. The thickness of 0.17 dzem is most used in the manufacture of raincoats because of  reasonable price, high durability. Production time, fast delivery to accurately meet the delivery schedule for customers.

PVC fabric manufacturers

  • Rang Dong PVC: produced by Rang Dong plastic company. Diversified colors, fabrics are evenly rolled, on the surface of the fabric has the word RD

Rang Dong PVC

  • PVC Phu Lam: fabric surface has the word PL.
  • PVC Hue Linh: fabric surface has the word HL
  • PVC Hoang Lien

Color board

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