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PVC coated fabric  is durable, good waterproof, does not stick to water on the fabric surface.

Currently, the most used fabric is polyester fabric coated with waterproof PVC. Various colors. The price of PVC coated fabric is higher than that of PVC plastic, however PVC coated fabric will ensure durability and safety for users. Manufacture of parachute fabric used by 1-needle and two-needle industrial sewing machines to ensure strong and durable sewing lines. The seams are pressed waterproof. PVC coated fabric is manufactured and imported from China.

Distinguishing PVC coated fabric by coating:

• Waterproof polyester coated PVC woven fabric

• Waterproof polyester woven PU woven fabric Distinguish PVC coated fabric by density of textile yarn:

• PVC coated fabric 173

• PVC coated fabric 210

• PVC coated fabric 195A

Distinguish PVC coated fabric by the fabric surface:

• Plain cloth

• Stria fabric


PVC coated fabric 173


PVC coated fabric 210


Color board



Color board

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